Iten - Men -Samburu

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  • Mid-foot landing: 4mm heel to toe drop.
  • Extra Grip: Increased rubber coverage under the arch
  • Maximum impact absorption:18mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Lightweight: Just 8.7oz in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.

This collection was inspired by traditional clothing from Kenya's diverse cultural groups.

The Samburu, a Nilotic-speaking community, are pastoralists from Northern Kenya. They are famous for their colorful, elaborate clothing and accessories. It is from this elaborate palette that we made our shoes.

To the Samburu, each color has a meaning. Green for pasture, red for blood from their cattle (a symbol of wealth), yellow for harmony, blue means water, and white for purity. For the Iten Samburu, we took inspiration from the colors yellow, blue, and red.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Better For the world

Social impact

As we celebrate Kenya’s athletic excellence with runners across the globe, we deliver economic empowerment in Kenya. Both in production and by giving back to the community. Learn more.

Climate neutral

We measure our carbon footprint, reduce it, and then offset what we can’t eliminate. Plus all our packaging is reused or reusable. Nothing to the waste bin. 

Vegan Friendly

Lapatets and Itens are made free of animal byproducts or materials and are not tested on animals. Though sometimes they seem eager to check them out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Andrew Herweg
Enjoying them so far

Good quality, comfort and feel so far. I have my first race coming up in late April so looking forward to see how myself (and the shoes perform).


I’m relatively new to the world of running shoes but I’ve had these for a hot minute. They’re great quality and I’ve enjoyed running in them.

Cyprian Kiswili
Samburu Men

Best pair of running shoes yet. Ran my first marathon in them.

Horace Steward
Four Pair

I have no plans of returning to Nike, ASICS, or Brooks. Enda meets all my footwear needs.

Adam Sher
Decent Replacement for New Balance RC1400

Trying to find a long term replacement for the discontinued NB RC1400. The Iten is a low drop and light weight shoe, which is what I was looking for. The shoe hugs my feet, especially my slightly larger left one, more than my previous pair. The shoe has been good in my initial runs that ranges 3-5 miles. I wish it was wider in the tow box and more snug in the heel.