Run Kenyan

Two simple things we can all do.

The secret of champions

Kenya's North Rift Valley has produced generations of the world's greatest distance runners. There is no greater concentration of athletic excellence for any sport anywhere.

If there are two lessons we can all learn from the Kenyan greats, they are:

Run with a friend

1. Run with a friend

The first and most important thing you can do to improve your training is to find a friend to run with.

Lift each other up, and go farther and faster together. If you need a running buddy check out the Strava Enda Running Club.

Types of runs

2. vary your training

To reach new personal bests, you’ll need to run a mix of easy runs, speed work, and long runs.

Kenyan athletes will have a mix of runs during the week. If you want to train for your next marathon (or other race) like a Kenyan, we've put together a primer for you.

The right shoes for your training

Once you've got a buddy & your training plan set, we've got the shoes you'll need.

Our shoes are designed to be straight forward, no-gimmicks, with classic yet contemporary looks.

As we make improvements on the shoes, we endeavour to keep the fit and feel consistent, so you never have to worry about your favorite shoe suddenly not working when the new version comes out.

The Iten

Fast Runs


Iten or Lapatet

Easy Runs

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The Lapatet

Long runs

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what's next?

Fuel your training

Kenyan runners eat a diet rich in carbohydrates and vegetables. It's the perfect diet for fuelling intense training.

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