About Us

Enda means "Go!" in Kiswahili, a language spoken in Eastern and Central Africa. We are Africa's first performance footwear brand. Our name is inspired by that moment in sports when an athlete is just about to cross a finish line, score a goal or dunk a basket. The crowd will be on their feet shouting, "Enda! Enda! Enda!". This inspiration to triumph and strive for continuous progress gave us our name.
Just like an athlete from the world's remotest corner can become a world champion, we also believe we can dominate a global industry. We are a brand for those on the go (the active, the dreamers, the revolutionaries, the unsung); we are here for those in pursuit of progress. We know that the underdog can triumph through growth & improvement. And we'll be there for every step you take.

The tip of a spear inspires our logo. The spear is also a sign of strength against all odds. It's a symbol of pride that illuminates the size of the fight in you. The spear appears throughout Africa's history, including national identities. On Kenya's flag, for example, two spears appear behind a shield, signifying the defense of the national values. In Southern Africa, Shaka Zulu's spear remains an iconic innovation that led to victory in many battles. The Zulu word "Umkhonto", meaning spear, was also a strong imagery in the fight for freedom in South Africa. A spear, when in motion, is straight, swift and fluid. It is a representation of speed, action and forward progression. Qualities that Enda hopes to emulate.

Our vision is to be the world's best-known African sports brand.