This Women's History Month; Stand In Your Power.


Janae | Performer and Dancer

What does Women’s Month and International Women’s Day(IWD) March 8 mean to you? 
Women’s History Month and International Women’s History Day to me means remembering and celebrating the many women who’ve paved the way to freedoms and successes that were intangible in a world that once considered women valueless.
In your opinion, why is it important to talk about and celebrate women’s month? 
It is important to talk about and celebrate women’s month because women deserve recognition, appreciation, and praise for the trials they faced and are still facing, that have been and are currently being transmuted into triumphs in this male-driven and “dominated” world. 
In terms of fitness, are there any cultural or generally women-specific issues that form a part of your life in the fitness world?
Any tips for how our community can continue to support and improve the lives of women? 
I believe empathizing, understanding, and knowledge are the keys to supporting and improving the lives of any group of people-
Become enlightened on women’s concerns. Empathize with these women on a human level. Understand their concerns. And use your knowledge to provide solutions. The Enda Family is doing an amazing job at serving and improving communities.
What advice do you have for other women reading this blog? 
STAND IN YOUR POWER! No matter what. Evaluate your life. Identify your morals. And be strong in who you are. Never give your power away. 

Any favorite books by women authors you’d like to share?

  1. Sacred Woman by Queen Afua
  2. Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton
  3. Master The Secret Language of Charismatic Communication Cues by Vanessa Van Edwards

Favorite songs by women artists?

  1. “Fulfillment?” by Kilo Kish
  2. “Little Things” by  India Arie 
  3. “A Reason”, “Luv You With Tha Sky” by WILLOW (and pretty much all of her songs😅)
  4. “How It Feels To Fly”, “That’s How Strong My Love Is”, and “Wait Til You See My Smile” by Alicia Keys

Any favorite women lead podcasts?

  1. The Root Work” podcast by Betty Lewis and Kim
  2. To My Sisters” by Courtney Daniella Boateng and Renee Kapuku 
  3. The Grapevine” lead by Ashley Akunna