The subtle tweaks to our daily trainer: The Enda Lapatet

From the very first time we brought the award-winning Enda Lapatet to life, we’ve been listening to your feedback. That feedback has proven super useful in making our most popular shoe even better. 

The original Lapatets still work perfectly well for several people. We added some subtle tweaks to make the fit of Lapatets even more accommodating. While still maintaining the integrity of the Lapatets, here are some of the latest iterations:

The Uppers:

Revamped Enda Lapatet

We have fully reworked the Lapatet upper. This was not just an aesthetic choice, but we wanted to ensure a more accommodating fit and a true sock-like feel. The original Lapatets still achieve this. However, the new knit pattern here is a full booty knit design and is lighter and more breathable.

If you ask us, we believe the Lapatets should now offer that flexibility and lightness that makes you feel like you’ve just slipped into some comfy socks!

A new Lacing System:

Updated lacing system

For a more comfy instep, we’ve changed the lacing system to an internal saddle. This saddle wraps the midfoot for a secure lockdown, with zero constraint to the foot across the toe joints. Regardless of the terrain (road or light rails), the lacing still provides the necessary snug fit that ensures your foot is not loose inside the shoes.

Heel collarWe also added a new heel collar that gives a flush fit and secure heel grip without the feeling of big bulky padding.

The Midsole and Outsoles:
Yes! Just as you remember from before, they still live up to their best grip, durability and flexibility. The extra grippy and durable outsole still runs from heel to toe as is the case with the original Lapatets.

Midsole and outsloes

We hope these subtle tweaks make the Enda Lapatets even greater for most of your runs, pretty much your daily go to trainer.