Muller Grand Prix opens the 2021 Wanda diamond league season in Gateshead

Photo credits: Mathew Quine / Wanda Diamond League

Athletic fans now have enough action to watch and exciting topics to talk about as the diamond league season gets underway. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games fast approaching, this will be an exciting season and a great time to discover and follow the potential medalists ahead of the Games.

As expected, there were surprises and new stars emerging from the first Diamond League meeting this weekend in Gateshead.

With a personal best time of 13:50.19, the odds appeared that Katir Mohamed of Spain would be overlapped by Kenya’s Nicholas Kimeli who has a PB of 12:51.78 would produce a 58 seconds last 400m lap. But, against expectations, Katir won the men’s 5000m race.

From the time of Kenya’s Ezekiel Kemboi, France’s Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad and USA’s Evan Jager, the men’s 3000m steeplechase event at the world major races has often involved the three countries. The same was seen here when Hillary Bor of the US won the race ahead of Kenya’s Leornard Bett and France’s Bedrani Djilali. Kenya has always dominated this event and the mojo remains alive.

The upcoming meetings will definitely create more excitement and eagerness towards the Olympic games. There seems to be a few fans allowed in, of course with precautions in place, but here is also  how to follow the action at the Muller Grand Prix this year.