Meet Koobi Fora - The Trail Running Shoes Evolved

If you are thinking of a weekend getaway on the trails or a weekday outing, Koobi Fora, our latest addition tothe Enda family is the perfect companion!

Checkout the product specifications and the evolution story behind the Koobi Foras.

About Koobi Fora

The Koobi Fora is a nimble trail shoe meant for taking on dirt and rock trails, but still comfortable enough if you end up doing part of your run on tarmac.

Lightweight, perfect for dancing on any terrain

The Koobi Fora weighs 273 grams or 9.6 oz in a European size 41, US men’s 8.5, US women’s 10. The outsole is a dense lug pattern to give you good grip and protection on the trails, but also still being smooth enough on the roads or very hard packed dirt.


The Koobi Fora shares some midsole DNA with our workout trainer, the Iten, so it has 19mm of stack height under the forefoot measured from outsole through insole, and a heel to toe drop of 4mm. 

When you split it open, you can really see some of the magic in action.

There’s a firm outer layer of midsole and a softer pocket that runs from the forefoot to the heel, this zone is where most of the impact goes when you land.

Sandwiched between those two layers, there is a ballistic nylon fabric rock plate that serves as extra protection from sharp rocks or thorns, like acacia. You’ll also notice that the whole midsole comes up to wrap around the heel. This helps hold the Koobi Fora to your foot when you’re taking tight turns or on uneven rough terrain.

The upper of the Koobi Fora has two distinct layers. Up front: is an overshield of rip-stop fabric that provides extra abrasion resistance protection and water resistance.

Then from the midfoot back, there is an ariaprene fabric booty that hugs the midfoot around the heel like a soft breathable sock. We hop you enjoy some spins and hikes in these new lovelies out there. Checkout Koobi Foras on pre-order.