Lighter Workloads, Higher Spirits

With the festivities kicking in, work focus and mind space might be challenging for some of us. Here are a few things you could do to keep yourself healthily occupied:
This is the best time of the year to set heavy tasks aside and take a breather. 12 months of constantly looking forward to the next day is no joke.

This, to some, might not seem like much but it has one of the most freeing aftermaths. As preparation for a fresh year, some things really need to be left behind. Give away some of those outfits you’re holding onto, free your thoughts from any negative weight you’ve collected throughout the year, and rearrange your personal space.

Meditation and exercise
Get a quick workout, yoga or run in the morning to make sure you start the day with a clear mind. The holiday buzz can get overwhelming, and it’s easy to be swayed by thoughts ranging from work to your personal life.

It's normal to find your mind in a wandering state, especially if it's the talk of the office and you genuinely had no ambitious vacation plans.
Over here, we are spending time to balance the holiday thoughts versus work by actually talking about it. An interesting chat we've been having lately over coffee breaks is where everyone is planning to spend their vacation;

One planning to visit the Santorini Island in Greece for the first time, the other having a lazy day with plenty of rest, most planning on spending time with family, another driving all the way to Mt. Kenya and the last one still undecided (like most of us, although pretty hard to admit).

Tourist enjoying a beautiful scene by the mountain
All that matters is basking in the celebratory spirit. Share this with your friends and colleagues to keep their spirits just as high this season.