What our logo means to me

Enda Logo



As you may know, Enda means ‘Go’ in Swahili. To us, the spear is literally a symbol of freedom. It is a direction pointer, telling us to go, to run, to find, to discover, to explore, to be. Enda is all about finding the freedom to being a better version of you, on track and off track. Running is not about winning or punishing your body. Rather, it is a personal journey of willpower and self-discipline, whose sole focus should be about discovering the joy of being a better you.

The spear is also a sign of strength against all odds. It’s a symbol of pride that illuminates the size of the fight in you. A spear, when in motion, is straight, swift and fluid. It is a representation of speed, action and forward progression. Qualities that Enda hopes to emulate.

Earlier this month, we asked people on our mailing list what direction we should go with a logo. To all of you that took your time to give us feedback that helped us in our decision, we would like to say Ahsante (Thank you) again!!
Enda Co-Founder Navalayo Osembo. Follow on Twitter.