3 things that have helped me survive pregnancy and launching a company at the same time

Baby loading

2015/2016 has been an overwhelming year to say the least! It started off with working a full time job, closing negotiations for Enda’s intellectual property rights, planning the launch of Enda’s Kickstarter campaign and finding out that my husband, David, and I were expecting our second baby in a city far away from home!

There have been many ups and downs in the [continuing] journey and a number of people have asked me how I do it all. That question that is subject to a whole write-up by itself because I am always battling with its correctness in the context of gender. However, I choose to look at it as more of a question regarding the best way to balance different aspects of life, especially for female entrepreneurs.

Here are the few lessons I am learning about building a career, raising a family and being an entrepreneur:

Nava at home, working on Enda!