2 Simple Changes to the Lapatet that Make a Big Difference

Over the next couple of months, a total of 8 fresh new Lapatet colors inspired by four exciting themes will be making their way to you.

These new colors are all limited edition and very slightly different from the first Lapatets we shipped out back in March.

For many, they were a perfect fit, but for some including, Ralph from our team, they weren’t quite right. So, we took that feedback as well and made 2 changes. Ralph explains, or keep reading below:

The Uppers

Lacing a Lapatet
We re-engineered the knit pattern on the upper and were able to reduce the weight of the upper by 15%.
You feel this in several ways. Most notably the fit in the ball of the foot and across the top of the foot is more accommodating. The fabric stretches just a bit more, but you still get a great lock down.
Second, this makes the heel area around the top of the heel counter much softer. For some people they would feel the seam just above the pull tab. But with this updated upper, that area is much softer. And of course, they’re more breathable now too to keep you cool if you're out on a hot day.

Beneath Your Insoles

Lapatet Lasting Boards
Just underneath your insoles, we’ve added an extra 2mm of soft EVA foam to provide a little extra cushioning. This cushion runs the whole length of the shoe, and doesn’t impact the way the Lapatets fit.
It does add just a bit of weight, but it balances perfectly with the weight savings from the upper to keep these new Lapatets the same weight as the originals.

Nothing Drastic

We know the frustration of finding a pair of shoes you love, then waking up to find it is no longer available. One of our promises is to remain consistent with our models. That means, as we make improvements, we want to make sure your favorite shoes aren’t being changed in a way that ruins them for you.
So it’s still your beloved Lapatet, but with new limited edition colorways to give you some new choices. Go ahead and get shopping for your next favorite Lapatet color!
The first of these new Lapatets is the Bendera Black, which is currently available on our store. Bendera, Swahili for “black”, Black take their name from the black on the Kenyan flag. Which in turn represents the people of Kenya.
Lacing a Lapatet