Koobi Fora

Our first ever trail shoe the Koobi Fora, is meant for taking on dirt and rock trails, but still comfortable enough if you end up doing part of your run on the tarmac.

(As of March 1, we want to share that we have uncoverd some cosmetic issues in the production, and for that reason, we're offering remaining stock at a reduced price.)

5/5 Stars

Great Shoe!

Customers are loving the performance so far...and have even come back for second colors to take advantage of a great price and support Enda's mission.


5/5- Comfortable, very good feel and attractive shoe. The colours are awesome!

Josh O.

5/5- So happy for my new Enda trail shoes. They are very comfy and nice to wear. Love to use them for hiking in all terrain.

Hanne S.

Creasing & Glue


Made in Kenya

Supply Chain

It's not easy creating a supply chain here in Kenya, and we know that we can keep improving! We also appreciate you, our community for being part of our growth and improvement.

Final Sale

Koobi Fora Trail



Thank you for being part of our community, and helping us to improve and grow.

We couldn't do this hard work without your continuous support and feedback.