Our trainer collection inspired by the Flamingos of Lake Nakuru

The Flamingo collection is inspired by Kenya’s alluring and charming Flamingos of Lake Nakuru.

Flamingos of Lake Nakuru

Of the five species around the world, two are found in Kenya -the lesser and the greater Flamingos. The Deep pink color is spotted among the lesser flamingos while the greater flamingos do spot the Light pink color. 

For about eight years, Lake Nakuru had missed the panoramic spectacle of the Flamingos due to rising water levels. Flamingos prefer to feed on shallow waters where they also build nests that look like mounds of mud along the lake outline. Whenever this lifestyle is threatened by rising waters, they migrate to shallower waters.

Lake Nakuru’s rising water levels has been attributed to decline in surrounding forest cover. This has led to extensive runoffs into the lake from surrounding rivers. 

As a climate neutral and certified B-corporation brand, we are continuously engaging the Enda community in making intentional efforts to protect our environment. In June this year, we held the #EndaTreeRun challenge where we planted trees for everyone who went out on a run and challenged a friend to run. This Black Friday, we are taking our annual tradition back to nature conservation.

Starting this Friday (Balck Friday) through to 30 November (Giving Tuesday), we will raise all our shoe prices by KES. 1,000 (or $10). We will then donate the contributions to a bird conservation organization in Kenya. The contribution will further the efforts of conservation experts who better understand how individual bird species are currently responding to the realities of climate change. We hope you join us!

The Enda Iten Flamingo collection:

Checkout: the Flamingo Iten men’s collection and the Flamingo Iten women’s collection.

The Enda Lapatet Flamingo collection:

Checkout: the Flamingo Lapatet men’s collection and the Flamingo Lapatet women’s collection.

Trail running shoes: The Koobi Fora Flamingo collection

The Koobi Fora “Koo-bee For-ah” are our first-ever trail shoes! 

Koobi Fora is an archeological site in Northern Kenya where the first hominid footprints are found. Basically, it is where it all began.