Draw A Picture With Your Running Route, And Win The Next Colorway Of Lapatet

It’s a new month, but lots of folks are saying: “it’s still March”. Yeah. It’s been a heck of a year since last March. So we wanted to give you something to get you excited about stepping out the door: route art.

Between now and 10 March, draw something with your running route and you’ll have a chance to win a pair of the next colorway of Lapatet before anyone else. 

We have special giveaways for the top three most popular map arts on Strava. It could be just an idealized character of your own, or just an amusing constellation. You name it.

Ultramarathoner, @tonytomsich has been posting some of his art drawings on Instagram, here is one of them.

Strava Art Run by @tomytomsich

Image credits : @tonytomsich:Instagram

The Prize

We have giveaways for the three most popular drawings.

Best drawing prize  - a free pair of the Enda Lapatet+ Shujaa running shirt+ pack of stylish Enda face Mask (contains 3 masks)

Runners up prize - Shujaa running shirt + Enda cloth face mask.

Position 3 - Enda cloth face masks.

Participation is in 4 simple steps -

  • Then take a look at your favorite training road or trails, how they curve and connect.  Play around with the roads to create your desired route. See what makes it as easily perceptible as possible. Here is how you can do this on Strava. The Strava Route Builder is a handy tool for planning out routes, but there are others like the GMap Pedometer
  • Run your favorite art! Make sure to memorise your route, load it onto your phone or watch, or write out the specific turns or maneuvers on a piece of paper. 
  • Submit a screenshot of your art or just share a Strava link to your art run via Instagram or just tag us on a post with your art image on Instagram or Twitter via @endarunning.com. You can also drop a comment on this Strava club post with a link to your art.

A panel from the Enda team will pick 4 finalists. Then the whole Enda Community will be able to vote the winner on Instagram.

Hashtags on Strava or Instagram - #EndaArtRun #ArtRun #StravArt #Fun #Inspiration

Checkout some sketches we have spotted of people drawing with their legs. Want to get it even more precise? Here are additional ideas on how you can work that out. 

A few quick rules for the giveaway

  1. We will only consider Art drawings created by outdoor running. No cycling, virtual runs, or swimming will be considered.
  2. You can build out your favorite art or execute it any time between the 2nd of March, and the 10th of March at 1800HRS.
  3. You can submit as many entries between the dates above.
  4. While you can share other GPS Art for motivation, and fun, we for prizes, selection will be limited to Strava Arts only.

Oh Oh, no worries about the time nor the pace at all, just get moving as you get creative. 

Ready for the fun? Here are more inspirations to get you started.