Conversation with Amos Kipruto

Amos Kipruto

Amos Kipruto is the 2019 World Championships marathon bronze medalist. His last race was the Tokyo Marathon, but he didn’t perform well due to an injury. He is fully recovered and eager to get back to full action. He was named in the Kenyan team for Tokyo Olympics, and 2020 would have been his Olympics debut. He spoke to Enda by phone last week. 

Enda: You have come back from an injury that messed you during the Tokyo Marathon, how is it now? 

Kipruto: I am really happy now although we are at home not camp. I have recovered well, now I am free from injury. I started my training as I monitor my leg

Enda: How does restricted training affect your comeback from injury?

Kipruto: It has been a hard time, but we are really trying to keep ourselves safe. I would have been really happy to join my training mates. But now it is hard even to wake up at morning, we follow up the program which our coach is giving us through whatsapp.

Enda: You made the marathon team for the Olympics, how do you feel about the postponed to next year? 

Kipruto: About the Olympic Games, I was really happy to join team Kenya, but this pandemic affected it until they postponed. My hope is high, I still have hope they will include me although it is up to Athletics Kenya now. 

Enda: Describe 2020 and lessons picked

Kipruto: I put this year of 2020 in the remembrance. In 2020 I have learnt to do things by yourself, like training alone. Second, to control yourself alone because many people depend on what their management say. Thirdly, learn to do small small jobs when you are still active in sports.

Enda: Aside training, how do you keep busy?  

Kipruto: Keeping busy now at home with small dairy farming, cows. And back to farming although I am not fan of farming but I have tried to learn again in farm.

Enda: What has been the financial impact of Covid 19 on you?

Kipruto: This is the thing affect many people, but on my side I am safe because if you plan well then you are in safe hands, although the gap of usual year drop but we understand it