A day of protest against gender inequality.

Zamzam Adow
Zamzam Mohammed -Enda customer service associate

Q: What does Women’s Month and International Women’s Day(IWD) March 8 mean to you?

It is a special day to celebrate the upliftment of women in our societies and enhance women’s chances for advancement. From disincentives in employment, education, and political representation, women continue to experience less opportunities than men.

Q: In your opinion, why is it important to talk about and celebrate women’s month?

Looking at women’s history month and in particular, women's day, I see it as a day of protest against gender iniquity. It is a day to intensify awareness on issues that affect women all over the world.

Q: Any tips for how our community can continue to support and improve the lives of women?

As one of the women working at Enda, I believe Enda can help support and improve the lives of women by partnering more with women-run businesses. 

Q: What advice do you have for other women reading this blog?

No finish line, no doubts

What can we do as women? When I think of it, two things pop into mind; every woman is just as deserving of every chance and opportunity. You are powerful! Now be fearless and do not stop at nothing in achieving your dreams! 

Favorite books by women authors:

My favorite books by women authors are:

  1. Bad Feminist -Roxxane gay
  2. Americanah- Chimamanda 

Favorite songs by a women artist:

That  should be Unstoppable - by SIA


--Happy International Women's Day--