Lapatet - Women - Mara Gold (FINAL SALE)

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  • 6mm heel to toe drop.
  • 24mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Just 9.2oz in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.
  • A slightly wider than normal toe-box.

The Lapatet is daily trainer designed for the bulk of your weekly milage. Amply cushioned with a sock-like upper, it is the obvious choice for easy runs and longer runs. 

    For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size. 

    Unsure of your size? Check out our sizing guide.

    Don't know your US size? Check out our conversion chart here.

    Better For the world

    Social impact

    As we celebrate Kenya’s athletic excellence with runners across the globe, we deliver economic empowerment in Kenya. Both in production and by giving back to the community. Learn more.

    Climate neutral

    We measure our carbon footprint, reduce it, and then offset what we can’t eliminate. Plus all our packaging is reused or reusable. Nothing to the waste bin. 

    Vegan Friendly

    Lapatets and Itens are made free of animal byproducts or materials and are not tested on animals. Though sometimes they seem eager to check them out.

    Customer Reviews

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    Rachel Deal
    Made for speed

    As an American, trying out these running shoes has been an experience. My absolute favorite aspect of these shoes is that they feel perfect for a mid to forefoot striker. They make you want to move forward and they seem to discourage heel striking. That was exactly what I was looking for since I run more on my toes. Too many American shoes feel heavy in the heel. These are lightweight and extremely flexible. At first I thought they might be too tight... but then I began to run in them and realized they have a perfect sock-like feel. The only major adjustment for me is that there is less cushion than I am used to. I feel more ground under my foot, but it does make for an authentic run. I love the bright colors too! Very happy with this purchase, thanks!

    Shaun and Marion McGhee
    Good looking and feel great

    I have 2 pair and my wife has 1 pair, they look and feel great - very light. The only issue we both have is that the sizes feel narrow or tight at first. For me it took a while for them to expand and feel more comfortable. My wife's just arrived, so hoping hers will also stretch.


    Love my Lapetets!! Even as an “older nurse”, still feel like I can run the halls like a Kenyan!!!