Iten - Men -Flamingo (DeepPink Sole)

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Flamingo Itens are inspired by the alluring and charming Flamingos of Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Of the five species around the world, two are found in Kenya -the lesser and the greater Flamingos. The DeepPink color is spotted among the lesser flamingos while the greater flamingos do spot the LightPink color.

Now upgraded to an engineered mesh upper free of bulky overlays, the Enda Iten is a perfect workout shoe perfect for speed work days and cross-training.


  • 4mm heel to toe drop.
  • Increased rubber coverage under the arch for extra grip
  • 18mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Just 8.7oz in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.
  • A slightly wider than normal toe-box.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Better For the world

Social impact

As we celebrate Kenya’s athletic excellence with runners across the globe, we deliver economic empowerment in Kenya. Both in production and by giving back to the community. Learn more.

Climate neutral

We measure our carbon footprint, reduce it, and then offset what we can’t eliminate. Plus all our packaging is reused or reusable. Nothing to the waste bin. 

Vegan Friendly

Lapatets and Itens are made free of animal byproducts or materials and are not tested on animals. Though sometimes they seem eager to check them out.

Customer Reviews

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Katharina Kegler
my second Iten

after my first green Iten had become my favorite shoe for asphalt and even forest trails, I was curious and a bit afraid of the new Iten. It is a bit more stiff, very direct without being hard, a bit heavier than the old one, but also a bit more stabile.
Happy to run Kenyan!

New Iten

I think the changes to the sole has made this shoes just another trainer. The old version of the Iten was very nice to run in. It had a minimal feel about it that made me want to run fast. The new shoe feels chunky and is ok to run in but no where a special as my previous 2 pairs of Iten. I actually checked to see if you sent me the correct shoe.

Eric De Wildt
Iten FLMingo 👍

I just purchased the Iten FLMingo. I was having the first generation of iten but I had to retire them after 1600km. I was waiting for the new version. And I'm very impressed with them. I like the wide toe box. Thanks Enda

Jean-Philippe Bournot
Good shoes

It is a good shoes, nothing special, but good and traditional.
First, the bad : the ride is a little bit stiffer than I like (but as expected, as I already have some Lapatet which I find similar concerning this characteristic) and a little bit heavier than expected (255g in size US8.5). For these 2 reason, I use it for my easy/daily mileage.
Then, the good : It will be very durable (like the Lapatet for which one I put more than 1500km in it, and I never gone beyond 1200km for other brands). The upper is also one of the better I ever seen : really high quality, breathable, confortable.

Taigu Muchiri
Christmas came early

Where has this shoe been all my life? This is my third pair of Enda and i am about to go broke. I mean, i work so that i can afford these shoes. And by the way, i stopped wearing them as running shoes, i now buy a pair and use them as my sneakers. Who would run in these pretty Secretary BRD pair? One different thing i noticed is your customer service. I never got a call when the shoes were ready, the rider only called when they were right outside my door and i was not at my address. Then i sent a text on IG but it took you guys ages to get back to me. I believe you can improve on customer service. Thanks. PS. I love the fact that you have improved the product offering, so much to choose from.