Kicks of the week - 27/05/2019

Exercise, not money will make you happier

We all know that warm fuzzy feeling after working out that makes the exercise that much worth it. Researchers from Yale and Oxford Universities have confirmed, through their research that exercise makes you happier than a better salary.

They found out that people who exercise regularly feel bad for 35 days a year compared to their non-exercising counterparts who tend to feel bad for 18 more days. And, to take more advantage of the benefits of exercise to your mental well-being trying engaging in team sports too.

Check out business insider on how exercise compares to a higher paycheck on one’s mental health.

End of Financial Penalties for expectant athletes.

It seems like Nike felt the pressure mounted on them for how they treat their sponsored female athletes. Last week, Nike decided to waive pay-reductions for a full year for athletes who became pregnant and promised to include terms that reinforce this policy into their contract with sponsored athletes.

This is going to be a huge step forward for sponsored female athletes where they will not have to make difficult choices between motherhood and their careers.

The New York Times with more on this.

Sportsmanship at its best.

If you were an athlete with the desire to win a race stop to help a rival? Most people would simply pass and let the race organiser deal with the runner but this was not the case for Simon Cherop, a Kenyan runner competing in the Okpekpe International 10km Road race in Edo, Nigeria.

Simon became a hero last Sunday when he forfeited his win to help a fellow runner, Kenneth Kipkemboi who collapsed mid-run. While this act cost him a win in the race, it made him a hero and earned him $10,000 for his selflessness.

Tuko has more on this story.

In memory of Samuel Wanjiru.

May is the month that Kenya lost an outstanding athlete who showed the world that Kenya indeed has great talent in running. In his short fast life, Samuel Wanjiru set and broke world records in times that no one had thought a human being could run. He is Kenya’s first Olympic Gold medalist after winning the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He also ran the fastest marathons ever recorded in the UK and US with his wins in the 2009 London and Chicago marathons respectively.

His life ended tragically on 15th May 2011 after falling off his balcony in Nyahururu Kenya, a case that has never been fully closed.

The New Yorker’s Finish Line with more on the life of this Olympic marathon champion.

No, don’t run. It’s bad for you.

Even with all the research of how keeping an active lifestyle and especially running does so much good to your physical and mental state, we still have the nay-sayers who disagree.

Well, a powerful interest group called The American Council of Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents threw in their weight on just how bad running is for you.

Dumb runner with more on why you should stick to the couch instead...Ummm no thank you, Aunt! What other reasons have you been given not to run?