Kicks of the week - 10/06/2019

“Thank you for teaching us to be brave.”

On Tuesday 11th 2019, the world said “Goodbye” to a brave and brilliant athlete, Gabriele Grunewald, who after 10 years of fighting cancer, died a peaceful death at the age of 32.

Gabriele was a US national champion runner and Olympic hopeful who was not shy of detailing her journey with metastatic cancer on social media.

Even at her lowest moments, Gabe inspired hope to family, friends and athletes across the world. For that, we are eternally grateful. Fare thee well Gabe!

 Racing in your chair?

What are the possible uses of your office chair? It sounds like a fun thing to do swivelling about in your chair but, participants of Japan’s Office chair “Grand Prix” will tell you that it’s no laughing matter.

The 6th Isu-1 Grand Prix was held this weekend in Kyotanabe city in Kyoto, Japan. Participants go round a course of roughly 180 metres for as many laps as they can possibly get within 24 hours. And the winner gets, guess what? - 90kg bags of rice. Yes, that’s right, rice for racing about in your chair.

Here’s how the last event went down.

Students run Philly

There are different ways of providing mentorship to young people. Heather MacDanel, a runner and public health advocate began the program after LA’s, Student’s Run Program in 2004. Here, parents and children, teachers and students, mentors and mentees meet several times a week to run or even get to train together for races.

Runners World carries the story of how this program has helped reach out to more than 1,200 youths, mentored them, and help them show their true potentials.