Kicks of the week - 16/04/2019

Kenya’s Lawrence Cherono wins closest win since 1988

Yesterday’s Boston Marathon was a nerve recking race to watch. First, Ethiopia’s Worknesh Degafa broke off the lead group as early as thirty minutes into the race and strongly dominated the women’s race, but a late effort by Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat cut Degefa’s 3-minute lead down to 42 seconds. It was a tad bit too late to catch Degefa, but made for a dramatic finish.

But, it was marathon debutant Lawrence Cherono who got everyone’s adrenaline spiking. A 3-way race came down to a final sprint just a few metres to the finish line as Cherono edged out Lelisa Desisa in the closest Boston Marathon finish since 1988. Here’s Washington’s post on how a battle of three led to just one man taking the lead.

Cactus comes first at world’s toughest foot race

Marathon des Sables, which happened last week, is one of the toughest foot races in the world where participants get to run across the Sahara. This year’s race though had an unlikely ‘paw’ticipant who in spite of predictions that he would run back home before end of race, ended up taking the lead. Read on more about this dog nicknamed ‘Cactus’.

Fastest half marathoner to Run London

Even as we hold our breaths on whether Eliud Kipchoge and Mo Farah battle it out in this year’s London Marathon, there is someone we should also be eyeing. Abraham Kiputm, the fastest half marathoner in history, will be taking part. Kiptum broke the men’s half marathon record at Valencia Half marathon last year with 58 minutes and 18 seconds. Check out Runner’s world for more.

London Marathon 2019: The Greatest Women Marathon field ever!

London Marathon always outdoes itself when it comes to fielding the world’s best marathoners than any other race. Just when we thought last year’s field was worth talking about, they smashed it this year. This year, five of the six world major champions are taking part in the race, only Des Linden, who returned to the Boston Marathon will be absent. It also contains five of the fastest women in the world and no other race but this one has ever featured four women sub 2:19 PRs, well, London has five! 

It’s no joke, London Marathon, 2019 is one race you should not miss. LetsRun with more on this story

‘Sight-runnings’ have changed the stories of many cities

Crime, drugs and violence is the stereotypical way we think of townships in Cape Town, South Africa, including Gugulethu. But, there are many positive stories within ‘Gugs’ as the locals call this area. Read on how Vincent Ntunja, is changing the narrative through sight-running tours in Gugs.